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RoofSnap Subscribers have access to the lowest pricing for roof measurements.

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RoofSnap's proprietary technology returns measurements within 1% of actual. 

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"I've been using RoofSnap for about 8 months and love it, user-friendly and also very reasonable.

SketchOS is the way to go. Beats climbing the roofs any day!"

Mohammad, Independent Contractor

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"I just finished an apartment complex measured 100% with RoofSnap.

On a 350 sq. project we had one and a half bundles left at the end!"

Chuck, Roofing Company Owner

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SketchOS is our answer to the outrageous pricing we've seen in the roof measurement industry.
Our service returns fast, accurate results to our customers at a fraction of the cost that other providers charge.

Full reports start at just $9!

Residential -
Up To 80 Squares

Commercial -
Over 80 Squares
Squares Price Facets Price
< 20 SQ $9 1 - 4  $9
20 - 30 SQ $15 5 - 15 $15
30 - 50 SQ $19 16 - 30 $19
50 - 80 SQ $35 31 - 50 $35
    51 - 80 $50
    81 - 120 $70
    > 121 Contact Us!


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